Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hi guys!

It's official now! We're now scouting for style blogger aka stylist to be our #ustyleit Featured Bloggers! It's pretty simple, and we bet all of you guys bloggers already familiar with this styling program, and we guarantee you'd be instantly famous! Not to mention the great advantage of promoting your personal style blog nationwide!

Wondering how? Read on the further words upon this - we'd love to call it- fashion opportunity!

What you have to do:
☑ Submit an outfit photo of you wearing and styling minimum one item (shoes, socks, bracelet, shirt, etc.) from our brands. Email us at metrox(dot)social(at)gmail(dot)com, or simply click the submit button at the end of this post.
Write us this info:

☑ Follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Blog to keep yourself daily and weekly updated on info if your submitted styling being chosen and featured.

☑ Proudly put Metrox's Featured Stylist badge if your style being chosen and featured. Our editor will send an email to each featured blogger of this privileged special badge with their name 'engraved' on it!

What you will get: INSTANT FAMOUS!
❤ Your style and outfit photos will be featured on our blog and also our social media sites.

❤ This is where the word famous came: Your styling (plus your blog) will be appear simultaneously on our in-house stores across Indonesia! (PS: also front page of our coming-soon web store!)

❤ Last but not least, you will have the chance to be sponsored with our brands!

We will selectively choose the blogger's styling to be featured, not only based on the number of his/her followers. So, wait for nothing. Show us what you got and the way #ustyleit!!

See you and remember,

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shoes On Sale: PEDDERRED!

Hello guys!

This early week we'd love to share our 'Shoes on SALE' with PEDDERRED. Enjoy up to 50% OFF for crazy stylish items on PEDDERRED stores, start from IDR 399.000! Here we show you a few of them:

Reward yourself a great shoes in a great price with PEDDERRED, and don't miss it by visiting our stores at:

Plaza Indonesia Mall, Shop L2-79/98/99
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So see you guys at our store and remember,

Friday, May 18, 2012

Trend Spotting: Marvel's Heroes In(f)ashion

Hi fashion lovers!

The Avengers movie really does affecting all of us recently! Not only that our local theaters still full and crowded with people who want to watch it, it also inspiring an Australian designer, Romance Was Born to go all bold with comic invasion in-fashion in Australia Fashion Week 2012 (MBFWA '12). It is indeed a quite new heights of the Australian fashion week, as the designers duo Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett scoring an exclusive sponsorship deal with Marvel Comics for their Spring/Summer 2012/13 Comic Book Couture collection. And we couldn't agree more. Comics' superheroes print is a hype and radiant trend to spot on!

"The friendship between superheroes and fashion is a powerful one; they both obsess over the body, its transformation and identity. The dual identity in comic book superheroes metaphotically correlates with Romance Was Born's fashion story for this collection"-

It's all about Fashion Statement
 For some people, they found it a bit too much and too bold. But for some others, it's a statement of fashion. The bold prints and popped-out colors are really draw a brave and dauntless strokes over your body. So if you feel like making an exclamation over your fashion sense, and wanting to be stood out over other people, all you have to do is just go hard and go bold!

But you can still wear this trend without looking like you're going to a fashion carnaval. A perfect dose of bold colors combo and prints clash can lead you into a stylish looks with the comic superheroes trend.

What to Wear: Neon, Patterns, and Prints
As we pointed out to you, bright or neon colors, prints and patterns are the main ingredients for this comic superheroes fashion trend. For you who loves comic books, you know the inspiring strokes and draws of polkadots, zig-zags, and flare lines, with also the bold colors of black (a must!), white, and colorful bold hues. To accessorize this comic trend, add up a bold color cuff bracelet to your outfit. Check out our colors and prints inspiration-board for this rad trend below!!

It's gonna be another long post to scroll as you about to scroll down a full collection from Romance Was Born's Comic Book Couture Spring/Summer 2012/13. Warning: High dose of fashion-inspiration! ;)

 Images Source via:

See you and remember,