Monday, April 30, 2012

MON-DIY SERIES: How to Style Infinity Shawl with BL!NG

Hai ya'll!

Today we present to you our second I LOVE MON-DIY series with our very first vlog (video-blog)!! Inspired by the current weather in our country of Indonesia, which happens to be windy and sometimes pouring, shawl or scarf is a très chic piece of clothing to complete your style and warm your body at the same time. So, read no more, just watch and learn through this video below presents to you by BL!NG!

So that is that, four diy tutorials on how to wear inifinity shawls by BL!ING, started from the easiest one to the more complicated one. Tell us what do you think of our very first vlog attempt on the comment box below, pretty please. And you could get all necklaces and shawls seen on the video above by visiting our BL!NG stores, or just clicking this link to see other collection by BL!NG accessories. We hope you could follow this fun tutorials and start to wear infinity shawl in windy day such as nowadays.

We would love to feature you if you nailed one of this diy tutorial and show us your styling with your outfit. You could send us the link of your outfit post with this diy tutorial by BL!NG, or just send us your photos to our email, here.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Style Our Premium Brand: When Sporty Street Style Meets Fashion Designer

Hi you guys!

We're back again to serve you a handful dose of fashion inspiration, and today's special on our inspiration-menu list is the sporty street style from one of our premium brand, Y-3. Before we begin to feed your fashion-eyes (and brain), we think it is wiser to explain this premium brand named Y-3.

So some of you may have known, and some other may haven't, that Y-3 is a stylish collaboration between the world famous sports wear, Adidas, with an avant-garde aesthetic Japanese designer named Yohji Yamamoto. Yohji's design and look is always avant-garde and somehow removed from seasonal trends. His signature style of combining oversized garments with black and/or staple shades, along with Adidas signature style of innovative and athleticism, creates a unique narrative look of futuristic sport style. Y-3 is a one inspirational fusion of fashion and sport.

You could click the quotes above to read more of the designer collaboration with the sport brand, Adidas. Moving on, you shall see worldwide street style inspiration wearing Yohji Yamamoto's, of which very similar pieces are also available in Y-3 collection. Here we start the Yohji's street style inspiration from the home-country of the designer himself, Japan:

Black Yohji Yamamoto baggy pants

Army green Yohji Yamamoto button skirt

Wide legged Yohji Yamamoto pants

Grey Yohji Yamamoto blazer

Black Yohji Yamamoto zipper skirt

Black Yohji Yamamoto penguin coat

Black Yohji Yamamoto skirt

Baggy brown Yohji Yamamoto pants

Grey Yohji Yamamoto baggy pants

Grey Yohji Yamamoto jacket

Denim Yohji Yamamoto coat

Black Yohji Yamamoto cargo pants

Black Yohji Yamamoto baggy pants

Black Yohji Yamamoto boots

White Yohji Yamamoto shirt

So you've seen how bold and unique Yohji's style is. Now if we implement those street style inspiration into all Y-3 pieces, here some styling for both male and female that we've done our-self :

So there you have it. A highly dose of street style sport fashion inspiration with Y-3. Also, if you're inspired enough to have some of Yohji's pieces in Y-3, we have the last day of FURTHER REDUCTIONS UP TO 60% for this premium brand!!

Monday, April 23rd 2012 at Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th floor

We hope you will wait for nothing to go to this last call on Y-3's FURTHER REDUCTIONS!
Also, please do comment below to tell us what you think of our Y-3 styling-collage and your most favorite pieces from Y-3 by Yohji Yamamoto. Share your inspiration! ;)

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Heads Up for 5 Stylish Movies Coming Up This Spring!

Hi all!

You know how movies can inspire us so much in fashion and lifestyle, right? So on today's post, we would like to share and nominate five upcoming movies for this Spring that we think has the most stylish wardrobe and costumes by far this year. We nominate the best as the first, and you guys are invited to nominate or rate them by yourself, and tell us on the comment form below. ;)

1# Mirror Mirror
It's one out of three films that brings about the famous cartoon fairy-tales into a life motion picture event this year. Featuring Lily Collins, Arnie Hammer and Julia Roberts, this movie about the legendary tale is retold in a 'witty buts still pretty' kind of ways. A film critics, Richard Roeper (, said that this movie is a 'trippy version of the Snow White story'. But what we captured the most is the amazing pretty and well-tailored gown and dresses wore by the queen and princess on the movie.


On one scene, magnificent hairstyles also appears with stylish costumes applicable to the legendary tale itself. Then, we accidentally realized that there is one hairstyle performed on a male figure in the movie that pretty much similar with a model seen after runway on last Paris Fashion Week!

compare him with...

2# Snow White and the Huntsman
This second version of Snow White tale that are brought into a movie this year, is darker and more thrilling in story. If Mirror-Mirror offers a pretty dress upon the feminist concessions, this one movie offers an action-adventure of the Snow White, played by Kristen Stewart, and The Huntsman, played by Chris Hemsworth, to fight againts the evil queen played by the amazing Charlize Theron. We found that the black dress wore by the queen, Charlize Theron, is so wickedly stunning!  Not to mention her perfect hairstyle match her high collar sequined dress. If you need inspiration on metal trends for this Spring, you should see this movie. We mean, metalic trends and feathers? Très chic combo!!

3# Tonight You're Mine
Music festival and fashion? It's always been a super stylish twosome. This movie is a free-wheeling rock 'n' roll story set against the raucous magnificence and unforgettable sounds at a leading music festival, The T in the Park festival in Kinross-shire, Scotland. You could see some urban and chic street wear in this movie. Even the guy is so stylish!

4# The Five-Year Engagement
Now this movie is a must to watch this Spring with you boyfriend/girlfriend. It's a super funny duo of comedian Jason Segel and the beautiful Emily Blunt. Better yet, this romantic-comedy movie is written and produced by the team who created and wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall. We rated this movie stylish based on what Emily Blunt wore on the night she got proposed by Jason Segel. From head to toe, is just mega chic!

5# Bel Ami
This movie takes us into a fashion in Paris by the year of 1890s, from cockroach ridden garrets to opulent salons. The detail of each wardrobe is plain amazing. The outfit by Robert Pattinson surly will capture us the most. 19th century Paris fashion is surely hyped!!

So, what do you think? Rate yourself and comment below! ;)

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