Friday, December 28, 2012

Time Travelers's Must Have Wrist-Candy

We are all still remember about the whole hieroglyphic Mayan calendar thing, regardless we're not quite wrapped our brains around their prevision that said for the first time in 25,625 years, our galactic latitude will align with the center of the milky way, and that we're no longer exist the day after. Well, we passed the predicted date for exactly a week now and to be quite frankly, we're going to go ahead and say that it's probably the best that us people should not know- and prepare, such apocalypse thing. It's just because we would prefer to keep our minds positive and look forward to the joyful tidings 2013 is sure to bring.

Regardless what people said or going to say about the whole Father Time ticks on us, we think one thing sure to tell that you've got to check up on the hours now more than ever for the sake of checking everything off your wish list or just the old holiday list!

Embracing the upcoming years changing, we've got to keep the spirit of being watchful and on-trend with some of our suggested ravishing wristwatch as a wow-worthy time travelers' (yes, that is us) must have items that we will want to wear until infinity.

                 AVAILABLE AT MEZZO CONCEPT STORE (Kuningan City #UF and                        Central Park Mall #UG)

See you and remember,

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Style Christmas Gift-Exchange Ideas


It's a day passed already from Christmas Day, but the Christmas vibes still all around for the rest of this year, don't you think?

Speaking of Christmas Day, how was your Christmas celebration guys? We bet they're full of fabulous people with stylish outfits and yummy dishes! We know that some of us are even still cheering and celebrating the holidays with few more parties to come with both families and friends. We- and we bet also most people- love this part of Christmas where we can spend time together with our loved ones, playing games, telling jokes, or exchanging gifts for instance. Those kind of activities definitely create a merry and jolly sphere onto your Christmas holiday.

Taking one of the merry maker activities we said before, we guess everybody agree that the gift exchanging is the most fun and common part of Christmas parties all over the world. And we say it's not that easy to find the perfect gift under certain settled budget. Also, the fact that we don't know who will receive our gift in the exchange, so we have to prepare one unisex gift that can be used by whoever- age and gender, who get our gift. Well it's not that hard to find perfect gift for the gift-exchange, but still it's not that easy really. But guess what? That's what's we're here for on today's post. We did the hand-picked gift guide for your gift-exchanging party! The rules guide is for you choose a gift that is, first, unisex, then second, can be used for any ages, and third, you have to stay under the settled budget. Continue to scroll down and read on to find out our hand-picked gift ideas for gift-exchanging party.

1. Wool Knitted Beanie
2. GONESH Sticks Incense Holiday Tradition (20 fragrance burns sticks) AVAILABLE now at WAKAi stores!
3. 3in1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath
4. Snow Flakes Hand Soap Bars Pack
5. Hot Salt Body Scrub
6. Unisex iPhone Case
7. Aviator Sunnies
8. Vintage Unisex Gold Watch

There you have it! Hope you're inspired to hunt the best gift for your gift-exchange party this Christmas or even on the upcoming New Year's celebration! And at the very last, we wish you nothing but a merry and joyful holidays!! Cheers!

See you soon and remember,

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Behind The Scene of TLTSN S/S '13 Lookbook Shoot

How's your early week, fellas?

We hope they're fabulous! Yet, to complete your fabulous and stylish days ahead this week, we're here again to inspire you with one of our brand's recent activity. That is behind the scene of The Little Things She Needs (TLTSN) Lookbook Shoot for Spring/Summer 2013! Yes, you're the first to see (a bit of) the SS '13 collection, along with the cute and chic theme that TLTSN brought for early next year's campaign.

Styled by senior fashion blogger, Cheka Cuomova, and her chic assistant, the shots was nothing but (incredibly) adorable, though it was pretty hot back then in the set, which was taken place at the Mangrove Forest Reserves PIK, Jakarta. What we love the most is the floral crown that being twisted and tucked on our model's hair! We'd never ever hate garlands for Spring/Summer, don't you guys agree? ;) Well, say no more, just scroll down and be inspired. For you guys who stays at the same country like we do, perhaps it's time to dig out your Spring Summer outfit from your closet. And just maybe you already have a thing or two out of the outfits you're about to see below, it's rather IMPORTANT to stay in trend and wait for the best chic and comfortable shoes we're going to release very soon! :)

We hope it's enough to inspire your stylish days this week!

See you guys and remember,

Monday, December 10, 2012

MON-DIY TUTORIAL: Snowflakes Nailart for Your Holiday

Happy Monday!

Today we planned to inspire your Monday with our DIY series. And this time, since it's nearing the holidays season, we would love you guys to learn this simple DIY nailart that would goes well into most of your outfit this season! ;) Simply follow these easy steps for a chic nails this week:

That's that! Pretty easy, right? :) We hope you guys would share your DIY snowflakes nailart to our Facebook Fan Page! And last but not least, enjoy your weekdays ahead, guys!

See you and remember,

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Autumn/Winter 2012 Style Versus

Hey guys!

We're at the end of the year already! While the season has been changed on some parts of the world, here in Indonesia, we also have a slight weather changes from drought to rainy. Talking about the season changes, we love to inspire you guys again to looking all fab and all in trend at this end of the year! Yup, we're taking in two different styles in trend for you, inspired by world note fashion designers for their Winter 12-13 collection.

1. Two Tones Blocking
Inspired by the last Spring Summer 12 collection from Romance Was Born, who brought up the amazing idea of Comic Book Couture collection, the two tones blocked colors are still in vogue for this Winter 2012. You could embrace the style by configuring two bold colors of black and several in-trend Fall-Winter colors, such as Mustard, Rose Smoke, Eggplant, or even snow White. The point is using bold lines and/or bold color into your outfit. You could hunt for some two tones blocked color shoes on your next shopping spree, or, you could just throw a black beret over your monochrome sweater/ pullover. Don't forget to spice up your looks with bold eye-liners and cherry red lipstick.

2. Sweet Chestnut
Well, you know how much we love to do runway remake. One of our favorite is the warm feeling for the cold Winter season by the designers Reed Krakoff who has brought up the sweet and warm color of Chestnut to their "Warm Minimalism" 2013 resort. And we just couldn't help it to be inspired and trying to remake the style with what we have in our own closet- or sometimes it's necessary to buy a thing or two. Some other similar trend color and style also shown on Rick Owens and J. Crew Ready-To-Wear collection. The great thing about this minimalist color is, you could wear it for almost every season really! Brown, and its other gradient colors are working just as the same as black in your outfit. It goes well to most everything and every color on your closet. For this so called Winter season (even though we don't have such thing in our country), try to incorporate chocolate brown leather jacket or pullover with your chestnut color wedges for a sweet chic look to your office, or added some accessories like scarf or big buckle belt or a wide brim fedora hat to your hanging out places on the weekend. You will have an instant chic and trendy look just like that.

Whatever you choose to wear, or to buy, on this season of holiday, make sure you know the trend so you can dress up in style. And a bit spoiler for next inspiring posts from us, we're going to serve you a Christmas edition MON-DIY tutorial for next week!

So be inspired and remember,

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