Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back-to-School Style Inspiration: Canvas Shoes

Hi ya'll!

We know that school have been started a little while ago, but it's never to late to get your 'Back to School' style inspiration, right?

Whether you'd go study to your school, college (or even to the university), or you'd just strolling down the road to do your working errands, the most valuable must-have item for your feet is a super comfortable and easy to wear canvas shoes. Not only they're an extreme comfort to walk on, they also give you an instant chic look the moment you put them on and pair them with your outfit!

From denims-to colorful-to the classic black and white, canvas shoes can definitely nailed the look at any occasions. For some style inspiration on canvas shoes for back-to-school style, just sit back and relax in your most comfortable position (and keep scrolling down). ;)

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Hope you get inspired by today's post! ;)

See you soon and remember,

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

#USTYLEIT Featured Bloggers August Winner: Michelle Kristiani

We're back!

Today's inspiration comes from a lovely girl who happened to be our very first chosen girl for #ustyleit Featured Bloggers campaign!

We're happily introduce you to a lovely young girl named Michelle Kristiani. She's the author behind a wonderful personal style blog of Skinny Barbie. Her sweet girly signature style captured us the most as she submitted a cute styling wearing green plaited wedges from The Little Things She Needs. We love her sweetness style even more as she choose girly and playful items on our TLTSN store in Plaza Indonesia.

She was quite a Little Miss Sunshine as she came to meet us in bright cute outfit with bright personality.

She rocks the summer feeling by wearing head-to-toe items from The Little Things She Needs. For you who stays in Indonesia, you guys could check out her styling items (shown on the photos above) on every The Little Things She Needs' stores all over Indonesia!

So don't forget to visit our stores and check out her picks right away, girls! Perhaps we'll see you there! ;)

Check out Michelle's blog, Skinny Barbie, on, where she writes weekly about her fashion sense and daily outfits. Follow her also on Twitter, @Michieruu. And if you wanna be our next  #ustyleit Featured Bloggers, just submit your styling wearing min an item from at least one of METROX's brands, by clicking the button below.

See you soon and remember,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trend Report: Perfect Accessories for Fall 2012

Hi guys!!

First of all,
to you who celebrates!! May God bless you guys all the time..

We know, it's been quite a long hibernating time for us since our last post, and we're trully and completely sorry for that. Our team been occupied with projects from the new baby brand WAKAi and also our new open concept-store MEZZO at Kuningan City Mall #GF. But now, we're back on our track: to inspire you guys! ;)

So Summer has finally comes to an end pretty soon, and we're about to entering another season for this year. While it's quite a weather and climate change on other countries, here in Indonesia, we don't see much different between each seasons- except for the heavy rains on Novermber until December. Yet, no matter what season we are in, fashion knows no limit. Agree?

Then here goes our first fashion for Fall inspiration for you: Accessorize Your Outfit. For you guys who loves to stalk designers' new collection as much as we do, you all should know that this year's fashion Fall-colors template is a bit bolder than last years. Yes, we all still agree on yellow mustard, burgundy, and khaki for Fall outfits, but many designers has embrace lots of daring and bold colors such cobalt (or royal) blue and burnt orange on their Fall 2012 collection, as seen on Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, Stella McCartney, Chanel, Prabal Gurung, and many more.

One thing for sure to rock that colors, is a perfect dose of accessories. Pair up your bold-daring-colors outfit with white and/or silver Statement Necklace together with unique-shape Rings with silver of gold lining. Knows the combination of the colors and the shapes play, and you are good to go!

To guide you further, you can check out some of the new collection from BL!ING as below:

So you guys ready to hit the Fall in most stylish way? ;)

Also, don't forget to enter (you can also re-enter) our #ustyleit Featured Blogger competition by submitting your styling wearing at least one item from any of our brands, from your blog! Be our next Featured Blogger simply by clicking the button below:

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