Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Runway Report: Superdry x Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week Event

Hi guys!

We're back today for the full runway report on our last event with Superdry X Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week. It was a super stylish night and we surely had a blast with all of the guests and hosts at the event! For you who missed out the event, here we present to you the snapshots of the Biggest Fashion Wardrobe Event with Superdry.

Our lovely hosts: (left to right) Rianti Cartwright, Hilyani Hidranto, and Casanova Alfonso (aka Cas)
Our stylish guests and hosts together: (left to right) Ifa Fahir, Daniel Mananta, Rianti Cartwright, and Cas
Our guests in major stylish look!! With Hans Zuang, Jaclyn Halim our COO, and Ria Juwita (right to left).
The Superdry Head to Toe Makeover winner, Christy Meivianty. Congratulation girl! You look chic and sporty at the same time!

The function hall was soon be crowded by the guests, hosts, and also our lovely giveaway winners. MLU the blog. took the chance to photographed them as you have seen on the photos above. And not so long after they were all arrived, the show begun. Below you will see a glimpse of the Superdry Spring/Summer 2012 Collection fashion show with PIFW.

After the show ended, we captured even more stylish people with Superdry outfit!

Indonesian Actrees, Revalina S. Temat

Indonesian Drifter, Rizal Sungkar

Cas also using Superdry outfit!

And this is our MC for the show, Cheryl Marella, wearing one of the new Superdry Tees collection
Two of our giveaway winners: (left to right) Dita Wisnuwardani and Aaron

That's that guys. We bet you're pretty jealous for missing out the event, right? But, don't worry, you will hear first thing about our next event, here on MLU the blog. So keep your heads up and visit us more often! ;) Be sure not to miss out our upcoming super exciting events!

So, we hope to see you on the next event

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Adams: Vantage Vintage for Spring/Summer Looks

Hey you boys!

Retro or vintage style has ruled the fashion world since many years ago. Nowadays, it's getting even stronger! Not only on Woman's wardrobe, it's now conquering the Adams' closet too. Thus, here are some inspiration for you boys to nailed your vintage Spring/Summer looks in this 2012. If you're a girl, you are ost welcome to read on and passing on the inspiration to your boy friends, or your boyfriend ;)

5 vintage points for your inspiration:

The overall, or known also as dungarees, was a major trend back in late 80s. They are perfect to spice up your Spring looks through the unique and one of a kind silhouette that its create.

Who says jackets are not appropriate for Spring or Summer season? While in windy and cold days it can warm you up, you can always hyped yourself by put one on in Spring time. Try to hang it loose on your shoulder like them guys back then in the 90s. ;)

It doesn't necessarily has to be in leather. Suede is just as retro as the old and worn out leather jacket.

To them boys, denims (diamonds) are forever. :) Here's one tips: cut both sleeves of your boring denim shirt right in the joint between the sleeve and the shoulder, and then you will have one new vintage-denim-vest!


Plaids are so last season. It's time for native patterns to rule.

The very last but not least, enrich your vintage looks by accessorizing yourself with old man's hat. Now these hat are not always available in stores, or even in thrift stores, but remember one wise once man said, "If you can't buy it, then make it." ;) So, bring your most favorite retro-hat photo to the hat maker, and get him make one for you.

That's it. We rounded up 5 vintage points for your Spring/Summer looks this year. Come back for more inspirations on bags and shoes for the Adams on the next post of this series.

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