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MLU at The Indonesian Fashion Week 2012 - Part 1 (Runway Report)

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This month has been a fashionable month indeed. While the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week ended last Thursday on 16th February, here in our country, the Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2012 just arrive at day two by now. MLU The Blog definitely didn't missed out the event, as we strolling down the venue at Jakarta Convention Center yesterday, on 23rd February 2012. The enthusiasm of fashion really filled both of the air and each hall of the assembly building on that first day of IFW 2012. Our goal that day, was to snaps photo as many as we can of  fashionable people at the event, and also to report the runway shows by local designers on that particular day.

The result? We have tons of pictures to be shared to you guys! So we decided to sort the best photos we got and create two separate report-posts of this most prestigious fashion event in our country.

The Feminine Silhouettes
Opening the first show, Syrian designer who's also the President of F Couture, Omar Matini, lined his F. Collection on the runway with his signature sexy lines and glamour details. Right after the last models escorted the designer at the end of his collection, one of the best talented local designer, Jazz Pasai, steal the show with his gorgeous soft tropical color blends of foamy blue, pastel yellow, and broken white. Upon this far, both designers seemed to have similarities in highlighting the feminine silhouettes as such hip-fit cutting, open shoulder, and also low back details. Throughout the marathon of the Designer's Parade, those feminine outline on each models kept on coming. 

Another thing besides femininity, sheerness was also appear in almost every designer's collection on that show, which certainly creates a romantic and flirty moves on each dress. This sheer choices and its colorful play of each designer are definitely perfect for Indonesian market and its tropical weather. Some favourites included the hemmed sheer off-white dress and Kebaya inspired dress with gold pattern sheer by the ingenious Indonesian designer, Marga Alam. A fussion of this sheer trend was also used by Zainal Songket in his traditional collection.

Detail in The Fabric
The diversity finally arrived at the detail on the fabric. Each designer experimenting artistic details by fabrics such as tulle, sequins, classic pearls and stone, and hand-crafted flowers and bows feature. Harry Ibrahim kicked off the the white runway with snow-white mermaid dresses with startling details that appear at the most unexpected feature of the dress. Another favourite were the stunning printed ruffled dresses by Jimmy Fei-Fei, and mixed patterns of sequins, hand-crafted floral ruffle accent on the hip, and sheer detail at the bottom by Geraldus Sugeng.

We will share you the snapshots of stylish people at the IFW 2012 on our next post. You know, save the best (part) for the last, right? ;) So, make sure you drop by again to MLU The Blog on early next week!

On the very last thing, we're very happy for your love and support to this baby blog. We're definitely trying to be better on each posting! Ergo, keep commenting and contacting us. We're beyond happy to read each of your comments, and discovering you, fashion bloggers troughout the blogsphere.

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wow! looks really great! so many amazing dresses :):)

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how beautiful collection! really amazing how awesome clothes someone can do..

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Aaaa, so sad I can't attending IFW that weeek:( But, hey, some of my friends came there, and said that IFW was awesome!

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This post is really nice, I like it so much!!! Such an amazing fashion show!
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they are all amazing <3

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the white dress is soooo stunning. wow.


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