Friday, July 27, 2012

Be Ready for Our New Unique Concept Store: MEZZO

Yes, we are expanding our retail business! We are proudly announce the big surprise to you guys that we are going to open our new shop-in-shop concept store withing days count! It's nothing like you have ever seen before. MEZZO, as we named it, is a two-storey shop-in-shop experience with artistic design of retro and modern fusions, located in the new big mall at the heart of Jakarta, Kuningan City Mall (GF & LG). Now special to you guys, we are allowed to give a little sneak-peak to what's inside the store. We bet you guys just gonna regret if your missed this post!

The second level- outside the store

Inside: Shop-in-shop experience in Jakarta

Mezzo will surprise you with many new brands from METROX LIFESTYLE, some of them are, Komono, Timberland, Shoelong, and our new-launched brand, WAKAi.

Just be ready for our big launching event and promo! Make sure you keep yourself be informed by following our Twitter @MetroxGroup and Facebook Page: Metrox Group.

PS: Don't miss our Featured Blogger Winner feature next week!

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kelimutu said...

whoah, this must be exciting. I love that wooden concept of the store. it's warm and remind me of traditional dwelling place. make the customer feel comfort to walk in while shopping there. good luck for the opening! (:


Lucca Yoga said...

Whoa this gonna be super cool.

Lucca Yoga

Lisina Betty said...

lovely blog if you want we can following each other???... we have one mummy and doughter blog!! kiss

Belle said...

This is so cool!:)

Love, Belle

Julian Tanoto said...

So excited for this store opening ! <3

Journal J

HeyLJ said...

Hey, I just found your blog and I wanted to say congratulations on your new store :) I've never heard of it before but I looks amazing. I wish I could go and visit :)

love from Canada...


Olivia said...

Wow, this looks great!

--Olivia :)

Jenn Patt said...

Congratulations for your blog.I'll follow you.

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