Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back-to-School Style Inspiration: Canvas Shoes

Hi ya'll!

We know that school have been started a little while ago, but it's never to late to get your 'Back to School' style inspiration, right?

Whether you'd go study to your school, college (or even to the university), or you'd just strolling down the road to do your working errands, the most valuable must-have item for your feet is a super comfortable and easy to wear canvas shoes. Not only they're an extreme comfort to walk on, they also give you an instant chic look the moment you put them on and pair them with your outfit!

From denims-to colorful-to the classic black and white, canvas shoes can definitely nailed the look at any occasions. For some style inspiration on canvas shoes for back-to-school style, just sit back and relax in your most comfortable position (and keep scrolling down). ;)

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MEZZO Kuningan City #GF.

Hope you get inspired by today's post! ;)

See you soon and remember,


Tâmisa. said...

Beautiful shoes and pics!

Dana Paramita said...

how can i feautured on ur blog?whenever im going to submit my photo but it always failed:(
you can check my blog first,thankyou xx

Olivia said...

Thanks for this back-to-school inspiration post!

--Olivia :)

Belle said...

Love these!:)

Love, Belle

Amy Fashion Blog said...

love the blue and pink ones

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