Friday, October 5, 2012

Event Report: Plaza Indonesia Fashion Carnival 2012

One of the Best Dressed winner.

Our Fashion Editor with several Street-Style Bloggers.

Hey guys!!

Before you enjoy your fabulous weekend tomorrow, we hope you could take a moment to inspired yourself with this fashion report on our previous stylish event! It was the Plaza Indonesia Fashion Carnival 2012, which taken place at, of course, Plaza Indonesia Mall. It was a super stylish day whereas hundreds of very stylish people -and we believe it was more than that- gather up on one place. In this event report, we're just want to inspire you with what our fabulous guests wore and that very day. Perhaps, this will inspire you to dress up stylishly and fashionably on this weekend! :)

Two of our brands were parts of the Fashion Carnival, Y-3 and RIMOWA. The carnival is a bit like a Fashion Night Out where all stylish guests with invitation are supposed to take a tour to every selected stores that host an event inside their store. On each store, the invitees were collecting a stamp, which will be used to win the grand prize.

Well, enough saying, you guys should continue to be inspired by the outfits of our guests that night.

Two stylistas wearing Y-3.

Two of our Best Dressed winners on Y-3 store event.

On the other hand, the event at RIMOWA store was also full of fabulous and stylish people. Not to mention our collaboration with young talented local artist, Andhika Muksin, where his artwork on Rimowa Tropicana goes to the Grand Prize winner! The concept was to accentuate the stylishness of RIMOWA suitcases, and to show that RIMOWA is a must have item to stay stylish and fabulous in your fashionable travel time. You guys would be amazed on Muksin's artwork on Rimowa case really! Just make sure you read on and keep scrolling down.

A small exhibition by Rimowa x Adhika Muksin, a local talented artist.

So we hope this post inspired you just enough to dress impressivelly this weekend! Have a blast weekend you guys!!

See you and remember,


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