Friday, March 9, 2012


Hi ya'll!

Exactly as for this week, MLU the blog has been blogging for one month! It feels like yesterday when we posted our first post, and yes, we're still remembering and delivering our promise to give more to you on each and every post. And today, aside from celebrating our one month anniversary, we're going to have our first giveaway!

On this particular and special occasion, we're having a giveaway from Superdry, one of our well-known brands. We call it as the best giveaway, because.... wait for it... we're going to give you not only one clothing piece from Superdry, but the whole outfit from head to toe!! Can't you ever believe that? And, yes, it's 100% real!

So, guess you guys are already getting excited and wanting to know how to participate and win the giveaway, right? But first thing, we really hate to disappoint you that this first giveaway will only be available for Indonesian readers only, particularly those who live near the Capital (Jabodetabek areas). You'll know the reason as you read on. But, one thing for sure, this giveaway is open for public, either you're a blogger or not. :)

The Prize
 This first giveaway is held to support the Superdry fashion show event, here in Indonesia, for its new Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Unlike any other giveaways, we'll having 8 winners at a time instead of just one! Crazy huh? All eight of them will be chosen at random, as we'll use Random Number Generator tools to have the winners. From the 8 winners, one will be randomly chosen, again, to win the FREE MAKEOVER (head to toe outfit) from Superdry. While the seven winners will get free invitation to the event, only they could get the chance to win the best dressed with an exciting prize worth IDR 1,000,000! Also, there will be styling advice from Top Local Blogger on the event for one make-over winner! Pretty tempting, right?! ;) You may check and mark your calendar for this giveaway-event as shown on the picture below:

How to Participate
Well, you know the drill. Here are the steps you must do to get the giveaway, and we've made it easier for you with 7 clicks only to make yourself as an entry to this special giveaway! But, since some of the steps will take you further away from this blog-site, so we necessarily suggest you to do right-click and open a new browser tab on each link below in order to save your precious time. :)

# Follow THIS BLOG with your Blogger account/Twitter Account/Google Account (Hint: follow by clicking  JOIN THIS SITE blue button that is located on the upper right, just below the header of this blog):

# Follow our Metrox Group Facebook Fan Page:

# Follow our Superdry Facebook Fan Page:

# Follow our Metrox Loves You Twitter account:

# Follow our Superdry Twitter account:
# Fill up an entry form with your nameemail address, and the subject: SUPERDRY GIVEAWAY ENTRY:

# Comment on this post to let us know:

And, DONE! We will email your entry number based on your entry-form row on our inbox. Please be noted that this giveaway entry will end on Sunday, 18 March 2012, and we'll announce the winner on the next day, Monday, 19 March 2012. Each announced winners will receive our confirmation email on the same day.

So, can't wait to have you guys as an entry to this giveaway! ;)

See you and remember,


Raisha Nurul Ichsanti said...

done all,
i'm definitely in ! hehehe :3

fyeahdanceey said...

Hi, I'm done doing all.
I Love this anyway ;)
I wish I can win, lol
I Love you too metrox :*
I think It will be amazing event.

sarah beby witia said...

i almost done wit this, very adorable giveaway!

sarah beby witia said...

really enjoy for this event! i am so excited to see that soon

Angelica Hennata said...

wish me luck.
hope it will be marvelous event.
goodluck METROX, Love ya! <3

The Daydreamer said...

super awesome giveaway. I'm joining! :D

Hanato Chitose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yohanna Hunto said...

Really excited joining this event! :D

rnz said...

what an awesome giveaway entry to superdry fashion. it's marvelous event and excited for me. :D

Rdanni said...

I'm so excited joining this event!!!
Metrox, I Love you :P

Alvina Rista Yowantri said...

Hi Metrox Love You :)
I had done 7 steps to participate this event,
Hope I will get it :D

Merada Suhud said...

Count me in! :D
Superb event though ^^b

Septi Ariyani said...

Hello Metrox, i'm done!!!
wish i could get the winner :)

M. Ersa Adiprasetya said...

Hello Metrox! i already done with this super great giveaways! i hope i can win!! success for you metrox :) <3

Hei Echa!

Claireta Teressa said...

DONE !!!!
hopefully i'll win..

angeliaoktavianty said...

Hello metrox! I've done with all the steps to participate.
Hope I can win this giveaway :) -xxx

Leazzz said...

hi metrox,, thx for your comment on my blog n let me know bout this giveaway..
i've done all 7 clicks that needed..
Really hope i can win this giveaway..

Bella Anggita said...

Click all of the steps and I'm DONE!!!
Hope I can win the invitation, gracias. Xo

Chyntia said...

I've done the steps! :D
see you soon :p
thank you! :)

titie said...

Hello Superdry :)

I'm so excited with the giveaway... Woohooo...
My boy is so addicted wit you, so I hope i could win :)

I've done the 7 steps above :
-already following this blog using GFC (Christy)
-already following Metrox Group Fan Page on FB
-already following Superdry Indonesia Fan Page on FB
-already following Superdry on Twitter
-already following Metrox on Twitter
-already filled up the form
and posted here :)



ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

i really wanna join, but i cant filled the form , whats happen? i've done do another step :)

Putri Arianty said...

Saya sudah mengikuti superdry giveaway and I'm so excited!!

Michael Wijaya said...

So excited :D

Clevergirl said...

7 clicks to awesomeness is done :)

Love from,

deewardani said...

Done all the 7 steps above. lovely giveaway.
So excited and hoping to be a winner.


fransiscaolivia said...

yap, I've done this 7 clicks :)

Anonymous said...

hmm, so sorry i don't have twit account...i really wanna go there, maybe next time hehe...

Bonnie said...

What a great giveaway! It would be so fun to attend.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Mitha Komala said...

1. ive followed you via Google Friend Connect.
2. ive liked Metrox Group Facebook Fanpage through my fb account (Mitha Komala)
3. ive liked Superdry Facebook Fanpage through my fb account (Mitha Komala)
4. ive followed Metrox Loves You twitter via @yourfireflies
5. ive followed Superdry twitter via @yourfireflies
6. i have filled the form! :)

isnaini khoirunisa said...

hello metrox..
yeay, i've done all the step to entry this giveaway!

VKNAGARI said...

Mission accomplished!!

I've done for the 7 clicks away.

Hope I can win the giveaways. :)

Thank you metrox for havin this adorable event!

with ♥,

Harry Anggie S. Tampubolon said...


can't wait to see the result.

crossing my finger

Fenny said...

what a great giveaway! so sad i cant join :( I stay away from the capital.. hope you guys luck!

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