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It's weekend already! So today we give you our first fashion-tips series, called the "Tippy Tips". :) Sounds a little bit too jiggy, huh? Well, we are kinda, when we browsed the net and found tons of inspiring outfit photos from around the world. Just like fingerprint, each has its own unique touch. You will see some of them if you continue to read this post, as we round them for our first Tippy Tips on how to wear full pattern outfit. Ergo, keep scrolling down! ;)

Yes, the first thing to heed is how to choose your patterns mix. Perhaps you've seen it before, that if you wear it right, conflicting patterns such as polka dots and stripes, or even abstracts and floral, would be a great mix to state your fashion sense. There are at least two ways to mix your pattern choices. The first one is for you to combine smaller pattern piece of clothing (ie. your outer), with your big and rather festive pattern of clothing. That way, you will create a great harmony of the patterns play, without making you look like a clown. For the second way to dress in a full-pattern outfit, it's save to pull up one theme outfit with repetition of similar patterns. On the photo below, you can see how similar pattern used can definitely draw attentions to your outfit! Either way, just free your creativity up in the air and don't hesitate to try your luck in mixing the unexpected patterns, just like blogger, Keiko Lynn from Brooklyn who mixed up white polka dots shirt with vintage floral pants and accentuate the outfit with her sweet sweater pattern (see her below!). You'll never know how much nice the will look on you!

Sweet patterns play by blogger, Keiko Lynn

Then, the second tips is...

It's pretty important to wisely choose the color palette on your full-patterns outfit. Since the pattern clothing itself will has several colors, it's rather hard to combine different colors on the other pattern mix for your outfit. The easiest way is to use monochrome palette like Keiko Lynn on her outfit shown on photo below. To spice it up a little bit, you could use her idea to wear shocking color combo, like her bright yellow and neon turquoise bag. If you choose to play around with the colors, here's some inspiration to mix your colorful outfits for the upcoming Spring season:

Last but not least, 

As for your accessories, you could go bold by using patterned bag, belt, or even eye-popping mix-patterns shoes. The tips is to repeat one theme of your pattern mix, for example, if your go with abstracts with floral, then you can choose to wear floral patterned bag. This repetition could be on colors of your pattern pieces. Example, you can go bold with mixing the third different pattern on your mixed-pattern outfit, but harmonizing them in the same color template. The other way is to ease down the whole look of your full-pattern outfit by using basics with single color or two tones colors. Either ways, you should reckon on the first two tips above in choosing your pattern and color play. ;)

And yes, Japanese and Korean streetsyles inspire us the most on wearing full-patterns outfit, with unique and unexpected use of pattern, color, and even style mix.

For the last part, you guys should click play on the runway video below. It's a super creative patterns mix with amazingly creative runway concept by young Japanese designer, Keiichi Muramatsu, on his Spring 2012 collection show in Tokyo Fashion Week. We really love the sweet live music on his runway show by a Japanese mucisians named Kuricorder Quartet. Go click!

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Vhallah A. said...

Great tips!

Yes, I'm totally agree with you. Mixing patterns sometimes can be tricky, waaaay to tricky. But when you do it right, it'll look fab! :)

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LaaFemmeNIKIta said...

this is SUCH a great post! so many great tips for mixing and matching! I am trying to pick out some spring prints so when it finally warms up, I can wear it! <3

aki! said...

These look great but I could not step out of my house in that. I'd be way too self-conscious.

I am very much impressed with people who wear these. I'm pretty bad at incorporating pattern, but I'll take these tips at a smaller scale. Thanks!

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Angelica Hennata said...

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Mitha Komala said...

nice tips, thanks a lot! i love patterns but i dont think so too much patterns on me will look good :p

Lizzie said...

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I LOVE pattern combos like these; so fun, interesting and unique!


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