Thursday, April 5, 2012

TLTSN Spring/Summer 2012 Lookbook

Hi everyone!

New Spring/Summer 2012 Collection from The Little Things She Needs has already on store! See it first from here and hurry get your favorites in our stores, here (click on 'Contact' button).

Pastel wedges: IDR 249.000 - Rings: IDR 49.000
Remember our previous blog-post? Pastels are hot trend for Spring! The pastel wedges shown above would definitely nailed your Spring/Summer looks this year! ;)

Sling bag: IDR 199.000 - Black flats: IDR 149.000
If you'd prefer to go for bright color blocking, a classic black flats will complete your très chic look. Remember guys, comfortable is the new chic! 

Tan wedges: IDR 299.000
You could go high or you could go low for your Spring looks. Toned down your outfit with tan wedges and camel belt for a complete radiant look.

Vintage satchel: IDR 299.000 - Flaminggo Rings: IDR 59.000 - Oxford flats: IDR 149.000
For you vintage lovers, you would never can get enough of bronze satchel and tawny oxford flats, right? Pair it up with your sassy polkadots, or just have fun with other vintage patterns such florals and laces.

Floral flats: IDR 149.000 - Red tote: IDR 249.000

Red flats: IDR 129.000 - Blue satchel: IDR 199.000

Wedges: IDR 249.000 - Layered Necklace: IDR 99.000

Black wedges: IDR 299.000 - Turqo rings: IDR 49.000

So, what do you think guys? You could also see behind the scene of this lookbook photoshoot, here. Plus, we have special added discount for Metrox member-card holder. 15%+5% OFF for your purchases!! Read more info of this discount, here.

And, last but not least, our gorgeous reader, Eva of runawaythrift from Washington has tagged us to answer 10 random questions about us. We don't actually know how to answer the questions, because there's several people behind MLU the blog. But, we tried our best and here comes the fun!

Q1: Your dream?
Us: To have world peace.

Q2. Fav animal/ pet?
Us:  Pig

Q3. What did you do yesterday?
Us:  Having fun at work and laughing to simple things. :)
Q4. Best day of the week?
Us: Friday, because you know, TGIF!! We're following the philosophy of 'work hard, play hard'. To keep our sanity in balance. :)

Q5. Song to describe your day?
Us: Katy Perry- Last Friday Night (TGIF).

Q6. Most embarrassing moment in 2 sentences? 
Us: We kinda have no idea to answer this question. But, walk into a wrong meeting room definitely one. :p
Q7. Where would you love to travel?
Us: USA!! And Japan. :)
Q8. Movie/Tv show character crush?
Us: Joe Jo and Bart Kwon from Just Kidding Films

Q9. 5 words to describe you!
Us: Witty, Hard-worker, LOVES to eat. :))

Q10. Someday I will...
Us: We will.. become a trendsetter in lifestyle and fashion.

Q11. Favorite Holiday?
Us: Christmas of course! Joy to the world for the Lord has come. :)

Hope this is fun for you to read. :) And, here are people whom we are interested in to pass on the fun!

Laura Go of theblogofwordlydelights
Mimi of whatmimiwrites
Pricillia Lumantoro of nudebeige

Have a great weekend guys!! And HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL! God loves you. :)

See you and remember,


Sparkle said...

it's so cute, girly and little bit vintage collection! i love it! xx

Kalyana_ said...

Oh God, I just knew that Metrox has a blog.
You are one of my fav brand ever!
Follow me back will you? *cat eyes*

La Petite Chateau

QT said...

Lovely post!

Anna-Alina said...

Great clothes!!!
I am your new reader!Followed your blog, follow me?

Sherlyn Lavenia said...

I went to the mall yesterday and saw TLTSN's latest collection! me want some. *saving up money*

thanks for visiting! :)

Passion Elixir

Simplicity is Chic said...

Love it! the shoes are amazing especially sandals!

Kisses, Em**

Karen90 said...

Ohyeah!!! thanks so much for the infor ^^ Love the 2nd outfit so so much!!

Latest: HPV and Gardasil

Head to Toe Chic said...

Love the striped pants! Following you now :)


Ayu Damayanthi said...

Hello, may you following mine back? :D
Thanks before


my thrifty closet said...

very cute and fun looks for spring, I like the vibrant colors!


Ioana-Carmen said...

Lovely collection darling!

FashionGeek said...

Omg i love all these trends!
Now following you hope you can too!

Yuliya ♥ said...

Love all looks !

GOT LOVE? said...

gorgeous outfits! I would love to wear all of them.

happy easter <3

Klaudyna Wójcik said...

woha ! awesoem blog *.*
keep up good work, love your outfits!

K.I.S.S. said...

Great blog, honey! It would be great if we follow each other. I`m following u already :))

A said...

Omg totally inspired now, thanks for this!!!

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