Friday, June 8, 2012

Fashion Report: New Fashion Concept Store is Coming to Town!


You guys definitely should not miss this fashion report post. 'Coz a new fashion concept store is coming to town real soon! Perhaps some of you guys already saw and noticed a big 'opening soon' wall on our old Metrox Store in Plaza Indonesia Extention L4. But for you who haven't visit the soon-to-be our new concept store, here's some spoilers as seen on spot! Be ready to embrace one of a kind stylish definition within a concept store inspired by Japanese fashion and lifestyle.

But as for now, we cannot spoil much further rather than saying that this new Japanese trend adopter concept store will provides you an experience of a young dynamic-spirited street wear collections that are carefully crafted with passion and dedication as the marks from the Nippon culture. Along with a unique serving cafe with Japanese snacks and other menu in a comfortable style concept.

So you guys should stay tune for more report, as we plan to make an great impression on the launching date! ;) Be ready for this, fashion people!!

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