Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trend Alert: Transparent World

Hi fashion people!

How's your mid week goin'? We bet it's pretty faboo. And since we're getting near to weekend, today we're load another high dose of fashion inspiration.

Taking further on the galaxy trend and also pretty much inspired by the Cinderella's glass shoes tale from more than a hundred years ago, the trend is now spotted. Yes, it's now all about transparent world people! Many designers such Zara and and Dolce & Gabana (two out of many that we could mention), has embraced this rather futuristic style on their collections. Starting on the see through outfit, then glassy-look accessories, to the plastic transparent outfit, this trend is indeed super chic!

 So, feast your eyes and get inspired!

PS: Pretty soon we're gonna have this trend in stores! ;)

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Helena Natanael said...

the plastic apparels looks like showing us the future trends! I'm interested with the transparent shoes, I think I should take care of my feet nails from now, cos I can't hide it with my footwear (shoes) anymore in the future..(oopss, secret revealed! lol)

thank you for this trend alert, Metrox! <3

Amy Fashion Blog said...

love the clear shoe

Kristina said...

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