Monday, December 10, 2012

MON-DIY TUTORIAL: Snowflakes Nailart for Your Holiday

Happy Monday!

Today we planned to inspire your Monday with our DIY series. And this time, since it's nearing the holidays season, we would love you guys to learn this simple DIY nailart that would goes well into most of your outfit this season! ;) Simply follow these easy steps for a chic nails this week:

That's that! Pretty easy, right? :) We hope you guys would share your DIY snowflakes nailart to our Facebook Fan Page! And last but not least, enjoy your weekdays ahead, guys!

See you and remember,


Helena Natanael said...

thanks for sharing! will try to do that cute nail art :D

Longuette said...

this tutorial is super funny! I have to give it a try :-)

Coline Chavaroche said...

Perfect nail art :)
Glad i've discovered your blog thanks to your visit !



mielabeille said...

hey! thank u for your comment on my blog!this is a great tutorial! ill try it on my nails and see how it will look! :)

Qneza said...

Beautiful! I have to give it a try :-)
Kiss ♥

Tie Bow-tie said...

Wow, amazing nails!
Following you back!

Holdtogether said...

Amazing, perfect in christmas, I Love it, your style is fantastic :*

DORIS said...

I really adore your blog dear, it's so inspiring!

I'm following you now! :)


Anonymous said...

Ongg So beautiful, love your blog and your visit!



deewardani said...

It's been awhile since I drop by...

This is an amazing idea. Love it! Thanks for sharing :)


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