Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Winter Style Christmas Gift-Exchange Ideas


It's a day passed already from Christmas Day, but the Christmas vibes still all around for the rest of this year, don't you think?

Speaking of Christmas Day, how was your Christmas celebration guys? We bet they're full of fabulous people with stylish outfits and yummy dishes! We know that some of us are even still cheering and celebrating the holidays with few more parties to come with both families and friends. We- and we bet also most people- love this part of Christmas where we can spend time together with our loved ones, playing games, telling jokes, or exchanging gifts for instance. Those kind of activities definitely create a merry and jolly sphere onto your Christmas holiday.

Taking one of the merry maker activities we said before, we guess everybody agree that the gift exchanging is the most fun and common part of Christmas parties all over the world. And we say it's not that easy to find the perfect gift under certain settled budget. Also, the fact that we don't know who will receive our gift in the exchange, so we have to prepare one unisex gift that can be used by whoever- age and gender, who get our gift. Well it's not that hard to find perfect gift for the gift-exchange, but still it's not that easy really. But guess what? That's what's we're here for on today's post. We did the hand-picked gift guide for your gift-exchanging party! The rules guide is for you choose a gift that is, first, unisex, then second, can be used for any ages, and third, you have to stay under the settled budget. Continue to scroll down and read on to find out our hand-picked gift ideas for gift-exchanging party.

1. Wool Knitted Beanie
2. GONESH Sticks Incense Holiday Tradition (20 fragrance burns sticks) AVAILABLE now at WAKAi stores!
3. 3in1 Shampoo, Shower Gel, and Bubble Bath
4. Snow Flakes Hand Soap Bars Pack
5. Hot Salt Body Scrub
6. Unisex iPhone Case
7. Aviator Sunnies
8. Vintage Unisex Gold Watch

There you have it! Hope you're inspired to hunt the best gift for your gift-exchange party this Christmas or even on the upcoming New Year's celebration! And at the very last, we wish you nothing but a merry and joyful holidays!! Cheers!

See you soon and remember,


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Cool watch !

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You have such a nice blog, I especially love your header, did you make it yourself by any chance? Because it's incredible!
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cool post dear :)

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