Monday, January 7, 2013

The New Year's Resolution: Be Extraordinary


This is a bit weird actually that we just greet you the happy new year on the second week of January. Guess we just go ahead and agree on what they said about better late than never. And while the merry of the new year's a bit fading away already, we say there's one important thing we still should be thinking (in fact for the rest of the year!).

We say it is a must for everyone to have the new year's resolution(s) going on their head, or even better, written on the first page of our new daily agenda (whether it's electronic or paper-use). Now, one thing about this new year's resolutions, is that you can either say it out loud- let say to your friends or families, or you could just keep it to yourself. If you (by any chance) are wondering about what our new year's resolutions are in this 2013, well we say it's gonna be one similar voice among all of us here, that is: always think outside the window box.

Thinking outside the box means (trying) to think at every possible angles, then narrow it down to the unconventional manners in order to have one fresh perspective over something. And it can be really hard if we're over-thinking it or that we're trying too much to be 'outside the box'. We think it's best to have an out of the box idea(s) if we're trying to think simply at the smallest point or possibility there is. Because most of the time, brilliant and extraordinary idea comes from the simplest idea that most people barely think of.

It's a simple yet actually not-easy-to-do-it kind of goal. But we just gonna stick to what people say that when there's a will, there's a way, don't you guys agree? Having this positive attitude definitely will brings us into a positive future toward this whole year of 2013.

Again, HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody! Cheers to our stylish life ahead!

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