Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Giveaway: Parisian Summer Bags for You!

Hey guys!!

We're back on giving away freebies for you! We decided to make it official as a post series we called 'Tuesday Giveaway'.  It's practically the second giveaway on MLU the blog, and this time it's our lovely and girly brand of THE LITTLE THINGS SHE NEEDS that will remitting away, not one, BUT TWO of their Parisian Chic bags, only on MLU the blog!!

You know the drill, fellas! Follow, comment, and take your excitement to the next level by following our other social media platforms. For you who don't know the drill, and to make it easier for you who already knew, click and click on these following steps to participate on this chic giveaway from The Little Thing She Needs:

1. Follow our Blog > You can follow us by your Twitter account, or your Google (Gmail) account. Click the blue button on the upper right bar that says 'Join this site'.

2. Follow our Metrox Group FanPage and Twitter account.  > Simply click the links.

3. Follow The Little Things She Needs FanPage and Twitter account. > Simply click the links.

4. Comment down below on this post and write your email address so we can send you your entry number.

All entry numbers will be rolled in random, and two lucky winners will get one of these Parisian chic bag (also given in random). Important: Winners DO NOT get to choose which bag to win. This giveaway will end on the 31 January 2013. Winners will be announced on the next day, 1st February 2013.

NOTE: Open for Indonesian readers only (nation-wide).

We wish you the best luck, and may the fashion force be with you! ;)

See you and remember,


defkape said...

aww.. so cute :)


Raisha Nurul Ichsanti said...

i've done everything.

wish i could get those cute bag ! :*

The Daydreamer said...

Count me in :D


Nadya Joy Soetanto said...

Nadya Joy

Helena Natanael said...

count me in! *crossing finger*

Helena Natanael

Ade Kurnianingrum Handika Putri said...

done all rules !

ade kurnianingrum handika putri

wish me luck :)

Kat said...

did everything! :)


thanks! :)

Chintya Dewi said...

i'm done with the rules, count me in :D


wish me luck <3

mie-arsi.blogspot.com said...

GFC: miarsi ningsih
FB User: orion zee
Twitter user: @miarsiku
Email: miarsiku at gmail dot com
all done,hope i can win:)

gabriella said...

cool bags ! I love it !!

oh please .. please be mine ♥

my email :


Ivana Jesslyn said...

Done all the rules! :)

Ivana Jesslyn
email : ivanajesslyn@gmail.com

hope i can win it!! xoxo

gabriella christy said...

please send me my entry number,

I've done all the rules :D

my email :


Azra Mashita said...

those bags are so damn cute aaa!! :3 I've done all the steps btw :)

here's my email:
azramashita@yahoo.com :)

Navira Budi Satrianti said...

I want it want it want it so bad! coz I LOOOOOOVE TLTSN!

here is my email

please make it mine

ayoe said...

Awwww the bags are so cute n girlie....

I want it all ^^

Win...win...win...win.... ^^


Christy Meivianty said...

I'm in.... Here is my e-mail : christy_meivianty@hotmail.com

Risa Widyasanti said...

Awesome bags :) Hmm, I've done all the steps :D
My e-mail : rwidyasanti@gmail.com :)
Thankyou :3

AnaBell said...

ooohh it's Ace

Fitri Friday said...

Cute bags! Its a big thing i need.. :D

fitri.yulihartati@yahoo.com or fitri.marketingpim@yahoo.com
big thanks!

Ratna Isyunita said...

Love TLTSN so much :*
Wish me luck, hi cute bags come to me :))

email: ratna_is_yoenitha@yahoo.com

Prajnamita Maelfa said...

Let be mine pleasee!!! <3

catherinekartika.blogspot.com said...

my email : catherine.kartika@yahoo.com :-)

sarahbebywitiainc said...

looks adorable if i get those Parisian style bags from The Little Things She Needs, X.O.X.O
we're together will be totally awesome, me and this "it" bag!

email:sarahbeby78@yahoo.com and sarahbeby455@gmail.com
twitter: @sarabebw
Facebook: Sarah Beby Witia Inc

Shanti Intansari said...

gfc: Shanti Intansari
fb: Shanti Intansari Soedarman
twitter: @shcanti
email: shanty_pg@yahoo.com

thanks, hope one of them will be mine <3

faya shofiyati said...

They're so cute, really want to have them haha

Tiara Kusumawardhani said...

awww, can't wait! hopefully I get those bags.. LOL



Sabrina Ria Wijaya said...

They both are so cute! Wish I could have them both. The Little Things She Needs is one of my favorite fashion brands of all time! May the best and luckiest of all wins :)

email: sabrina.wijaya@live.com
blog: sabrinariawijaya.blogspot.com

Melisa said...

Followed your blog with GFC (Melisa Mariani)
Liked both FB pages with Melisa Mariani
Followed both Twitter accounts with @melmarian
My e-mail: elsa_maran@yahoo.com

Princess Monica said...

hi Metrox, those bags really ensnare me :)
I love The Little Things She Needs! ♥♥♥


arnisma eka said...

I've done all the step since ago, I LOVE TLTSN and METROX GROUP, that's nice <3
hope those cute bag will be mine :')
thanks :*


nadya riyanti putri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ratih Purwaning Utami said...

it's done.
so awesome bags. i just wish, one of them can be mine.


nadya riyanti putri said...

i've done all the rules, nd i love all the little things product. all of my flat shoes, heels and hand bags are the little thing she needs product. sooo crazy bout' the stuff. wish me luck for that parisian summer bag <3<3

email : nadyariyantiputri@gmail.com
twitter account : @ndyaputri

Lizaprila Wuryandani said...

nice.. :)

Lizaprila Devi Wuryandani
email :

una estrella brillante! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
muchDREAMING said...

hope, i'm lucky to get one of that cute bag :3

my email:

Aunty Ka said...

I've already done the rules. Hope every good succeed for you always.

I follow you through GFC: Erika Hairany (Aunty Ka)
Facebook: Erika Fachmi
Twitter: @HaiErika
email: erikahairany@gmail.com

Dina Rosita said...

Im joined :)

Dina Rosita
email: deenaarosita@yahoo.com
i'v been like twitter and FB account :D


Dina Rosita said...

Im joined :)

Dina Rosita
email: deenaarosita@yahoo.com
i'v been like twitter and FB account :D


phei ik said...

Damn I Really Love this Bag ! <3
this Bag so glam and luxurious :D

Email : mariaty90@gmail.com

Nancy Lasmauli said...

i'm done with all the rules.
so cute. i hope i'm the lucky one who will have that awesome bag :)


Si Kecik said...

heyhaa...what a cute bag, me want it <3
done with all the rules...count me in fellas ;)


foreverunstoppable said...

I've already done the rules. count me in ;)

email: dewiwidihandari@yahoo.com

trria martya sari said...

wish me luck ! :)

Diah Asmah said...

Of course, count me in!
done with all the rules!!!

Diah Nurul Asmah

please tltsn, please metrox group give me that bag :"(

Priscka Maria said...

love the design ^^ vintage with a simple classy look yet stylist and chick <3
if I'm one of the winner, I'll be so excited to have it ^^


Marina Adlina said...

woooow supeeeeer !!!! loveeee it <3
hope one of those super cute bags be mine :3


Anonymous said...

ah, really need to have these two cute bags!
kalau aku yang beruntung memiliki tas ini, email saja ke : 32ways2die@gmail.com

terima kasih ^^
semoga menang

nissa said...

done ! i followed the steps to participate on this chic giveaway from you, The Little Things She Needs.

So give these super cute bags to me hahahaha, Love yaaa <3

Nisaul Faizah

inawatyliano@yahoo.com said...

would like to have it too

Yanuarika Insanul Rachmaningtyas Farizqi said...

Wow,gorgeous bag
Hope I am the lucky girl


Nonni Shetya said...

DAMN!! its cuteeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!
semoga menang yaaaa..

my email :

Winny Pratiwi said...

I crave for one of those Parisian Summer Bags!
I'm done with all the regulations, thank you. Wish me luccckkkk for this time *fingercrossed*

email : pratiwinny@yahoo.com

annetta carolina said...

it's my pleasure to follow all of them following steps to participate on this chic giveaway from The Little Thing She Needs, i have finished that. who is the lucky, i hope is 'me' thanks be4. always love your collections tltsn xx

for the information :
facebook : annetta carolia
twitter : annettacarol

wiwi pujiastuti said...

simple....really i love this bag

Email: wiewie.1682@yahoo.com

NFM said...

i love TLTSN :*
wish I'm the lucky girl for one of the bags :D

email : nfmutiara@gmail.com


They both are so adorable!!
Please, lemme win one of those bags.
Email me at anatunisa@gmail.com
Thanks! Xx (;

febulous said...

give me one please... pick meeeeee

Noviana Nur Andriyani said...

wish me luck xoxo

email: fakenoviandriyani@yahoo.com

Melissa Apriani said...

one of the best blogs ever!
so classy and fabubous.. xoxo

love and peace,


Melissa Apriani said...

one of the best blogs ever!
so classy and fabulous.. xoxo

love and peace,


Vindy said...

Vindy Septya Ravena

Putri Indradian said...

Dear TLTSN Metrox, I've done all the rules.. ☺

Aww this Parisian Summer Bags so damn gorgeous! Too bad your shop isn't at Jogja but I really like your exciting collection, your collection really all the little things needed by all the girls. I collect your wedges, but I guess that was not enough, I was addicted with all of your collection. I assume your store is the best heaven for the girls on earth :) Just imagine if you choose me as the lucky one girl. If you choose me as the lucky one maybe it will be my great gift ever from TLTSN❤ Thank you<3

Stay stylish with TLTSN. Love and remember♥

Putri Indradiani
my e-mail : putridiandra88@gmail.com
my twitter account : @dindraputri

nabilla khansa rustiadi said...

nabilla khansa rustiadi

Indriani Putri said...

what a lovely bags <3
email: indrianiindraputri@yahoo.co.id
catch me on twitter : @putricaa
and you can find me on fb : http://www.facebook.com/IndrianiIndraPutri?ref=tn_tnmn
wishing lucky to me :)

Batiks Voice said...

Stylish and adorable bag and i think very nice if i wear !

give a lot of LOVE for TLTSN


Cathline adelia said...

Cathline Adelia
wish me luck btw<3:)


Very nice bag. I hope I get one of two very pretty bag it. really hope to get it! Amiiin.

rieetur said...

wauwww,,,that summer bag so cool,,be mine pleasee :))


Keke said...

semoga saya beruntung :p
ini alamat emailnya reandine_62@yahoo.com

sulis said...

AWW!!! those cute bags!!!
would you please be mine~.. xD

anyway, i've done all the rules~..
count me in!! (*>///<)


Tasya Rahwita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tasya Rahwita said...

I can't say anything for this my favorite brand. I've collected a lot of stuff from the little things she needs. I'm currently enrolled as a student in one of state university in Semarang, every time i went to Jakarta i always take the time to come to your cutie shop.

if I were a lucky girl to get this parisian, i bet this would be an amazing gift for me in 2013.

hope i'm the one of lucky fellas who can get this from The Little Things She Needs. Amin.

my email: tasyarahwita@gmail.com

Wiwit Cinthantya said...

my email: scdwisthi@gmail.com

Deintania Ekananda said...

Deintania Ekananda Tanjung.
Please count me in!!!!
Email: deintania@gmail.com

Rahmi Febriani said...

email : me_atashi@rocketmail.com

hoping that i am one of the lucky girls who can get one of those fabulous bag >.<

Thya Ardjawithana said...

I've done the rules.
Hope that Im the lucky one who's get this cuties bag.

Email : hip.thya@gmail.com

Arga Litha said...

I joined

1. Follow ur Blog > with GFC Arga Litha

2. Follow Metrox Group FanPage and Twitter account. > done

3. Follow The Little Things She Needs FanPage and Twitter account. > done

4. repost in http://linkgiveaway.blogspot.com/2013/01/tuesday-giveaway-parisian-summer-bags.html

my twitter: @ArthaAmalia
Facebook: Tha Artha
email: artha.amalia@gmail.com

thank you

Theresia SyanLi Octavia said...

Done follow your Blog, Twitter account, already join Metrox Group FanPage & The Little Things She Needs FanPage. Done Follow The Little Things She Needs FanPage and also the Twitter account.

My twitter: @TheresiaSyanli
My Facebook: Theresia SyanLi
My email: theresiasyanli@yahoo.com

Thank you very much Metrox Group & The Little Things She Needs (^^)/

Nisrina Annafi said...

I've done all. Wish me get that cuties bag :) I love all TLTSN's product.

My email: nisrina_annafi@yahoo.com

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

hello , finally done all .
hope i can wint the cute bags!

Here my email : meme_rie@yahoo.com
Fb : Mell ong
Twitter : Mell_ong


Amalia Harinda Rahayu said...

i'm done with the rules :)
count me in please
love those cute bags.. can't wait to wear it <3

email: amaliaharinda@gmail.com

Indriani Putri said...

email : indrianiindraputri@yahoo.co.id
i've joined at all!
wishing luck to me <3

Anonymous said...

Please be mine ^^

Elsa Yunita

Dina Rosita said...

Im joined :)

Dina Rosita
email: deenaarosita@yahoo.com
i'v been like twitter and FB account :D


Danny Subrata said...

Done and Done.

Please, I want to give it as a present for my girlfriend. A surprise present of course. thanks.

@DannyKojima (twitter)
dannykojima@gmail.com (mail)
Danny Kojima (Facebook)

Kapita Selekta said...



wish me luck :)

Intan Shofiyyah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Intan Shofiyyah said...

done! bismillah and wish me luck! :)


Laras Wahyu Utami said...

i've done everything
this is my email yayas.wahyu@gmail.com
thank you :)

maulidah asbaha said...

all i've done with ur rule !
damn damn damn, how pretty these parisian chic bag :3 so adorable to wear kongkow with my friends .
awwh hope I can grab one of it .

here my email address : maulidah.asbaha@gmail.com

Thanks So Much :)

deewardani said...

Looove the bag!!

I've done all of the above. I really do hope I get lucky this time ;)


ChocoPinkBerry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ChocoPinkBerry said...

omg ! i really love it ^_^
please be mine ;)


Hana's Clay said...

all done! ^^

GFC: Hana's Clay
Facebook: hana clay
Twitter: @hanalone
Email: hana_clay@yahoo.com

i love so much this cute bag! :D
Thankyou for this lovely giveaway! ^^

Dinny Puspita said...

Hope that I'm the lucky one who's get this adorable bag <3

i'm done following the steps <3 here's my email : dinny.puspita@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

one of the must have fashion item! me want so much! please tltsn_metrox send me this cute bag...

email: anditalarasatifebriana@yahoo.com
twitter: @ditaandita

santy said...

Hope Im the lucky one who's get this cuties bag.xoxo ^_^


Leni Fitria said...

those bags was so gorgeous.
hope i'm the one.
i've done all the rules.
gfc & Fb: Leni Fitria
Twitter: @LeniFitria

This comment has been removed by the author.
Berlinda Okta said...

Done do it all.. Love this Parisian Summer Bag, beautifull style from MetroxGroup and TLTSN.. Always be The Fashion Center of The Girls Things.. Hope i can have it.. :D ;)


vie lestari said...

done :D
wishing one of them

email : v.lestari88@yahoo.com
fb : vivi lestari
gfc : vie lestari
twitter : LesTa_Vie

Patricia Julietta Sidabutar said...

Done with the rules!

elements of life said...

Done!!! Finger crossed...


Anonymous said...

Done all the steps! Hopefully I'm one of the lucky ones and I can give the cute Parisian Summer Bag to my girlfriend's because her birthday on this month. I always saw her wearing " The Little Things She Needs " wedges almost every Saturday night. I think she was really liked of all the collections TLTSN. She always open your website to seeing your catalog too. Wish me luck. Thank you...

e-mail : destroy.hell@ymail.com
facebook : Reza Zaky Aditiya

Anonymous said...

What a cutie bag ☺♥
here's my email ckdoubleyou@live.com

Ratih Purwaning Utami said...

oooh chic and adorable bag :3

Nurpratiwi, P. said...

Hi. I wish that I will be the lucky one :p *drum-roll*
Keep shining!

Au Revoir,


P.S: Already followed the rules! :-y

flc3 said...

Wish me luck :)

email : flcfeli@yahoo.com

Riang Nana said...

nice bags <3


Imarfah_Ismy said...

wish me luck :)
fb :ismy imarfah
twitter : @ismy_imarfah
email : ismi.imarfah@gmail.com

Hanna Azuraa said...

I've done all the steps, hope I can win the bag!\

Here's you can find me:

Email: hannaAzr@yahoo.co.id
Twitter: @hannazura

Thank you so much for counting me in!

Hanna Azuraa said...


I've done all the steps, hope I can win the bag!

Here are you can find me:

Email: hannaAzr@yahoo.co.id
Twitter: @hannazura

Thank you so much for counting me in!

D i n d a said...

wish me tons of luck!


Dwi Yoga Wardana said...

I want it for my girlfriend.
count me in :)


Windy Nurbani said...

Damn! They are so damn cute. Tons of luck :3


inawatyliano@gmail.com said...

would like it

Sherly said...

Love those bags <3 <3
I wish I could have one ;)
I am gonna use those bags with my new year's outfit.. I think they will fit perfectly :)
wish me luck *pray*


Sherly said...

I have followed all the rules-liking pages and following twitters using pinky_shirley@yahoo.com account ;)

dian sari said...

Hello Holla....
Mau dong...


SARAH said...

omg they're so cute!!

Anonymous said...

berharap sekali menang yaaaa :')

give me one ;')


Anonymous said...

Full of luck! Amen :D Thankiesss TLTSN! Bunch of love x.o.x.o :3

Here's my e-mail : putrindradian@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Wohooo count me in pweazeee TLTSN ! Thx you :D L.O.V.E


Devi Syaraswati said...

That's so awesome...
hopefully I can have it..

Email : dsyaraswati@gmail.com
Twitter User : @devirufyan
Fb User : devi fristy cahsyafani

Anonymous said...

I wanted this bag for a girl who is admired by me. Hahahaha WISH ME LUCK ya! Thanks! :D

email ( agung.laksmana94@ymail.com )

Anonymous said...

Hope, hope and hope!
Hi cute bag ever, my email is lapuspa@ymail.com
See you soon :D

Marcella Harlan said...

OMG, cute bags..want those bags T3T *drooling*

Step 1 DONE, step 2 DONE, step 3 DONE, step 4..... :D

e: harlan_marcella@hotmail.com
t: @marcellaharlan

Wish me luck,

Mayanda Khoirini said...

I like sist :*
so cute :)
e'mail : mayandakhoirini@gmail.com

Elva Masni said...


mishelly said...

I have done all the rules!
FB : Chelly Ai
Twitter : @coolkappa

E-mail: mishelly_kappa@yahoo.com

I hope I'm one of the Lucky Girl! Love all your products!!

Ireth Halliwell said...

Pretty bags. Awesome products from TLTSN as always.. :)


Anonymous said...

please give me my lucky number... Thanks a lot!
here's my e-mail : elliotpratama@ymail.com

Anonymous said...

count me in! Your Parisian Summer Bag will so gorgeous on my photoshoot! thanks,
e-mail : aryo.widiatmoko13@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

E X T R E M E L Y C U T E !♛


Anonymous said...

semoga aku dapet satu :)

Anonymous said...

NOW FOLLOWING YOU!^^ (aoczaphiera@ymail.com)

Anonymous said...

please be mine, gorg bag :(
e-mail : z.kartika@rocketmail.com

Anonymous said...

mau tas nya kaka :)

Anonymous said...

mau tas nya kaka :) maimuun@ymail.com

Anonymous said...

For my beloved momskyyy hahahaha LOL :D
rape me on e-mail kurni.aji19@ymail.com

Anonymous said...

Cute bag I've ever seen, wish me full of luck awkay?:D


Anonymous said...

please for my girlfriend, thank you! :D
e-mail address : rezarendi48@ymail.com

Syafira Rembulan Sari said...

OMG they're so damn cute!
Wish I will be lucky enough to have that.
I really wish to have it. *crazy for it* X)

e-mail: syafirars@gmail.com

Dyah Hapsari Fajarini said...

Fb : Dyah Hapsari Fajarini
Twitter : @dyahfajarini
Email : dyahfajarini@gmail.com

DONE. ^^
Wish me luck :D

Anonymous said...

done the rules, hopefully can win that pretty parisian vintage bag! really love it..

email : melisa.vianty@yahoo.com
twitter acc : @melisavianty

thanks xoxo

Nabila Rizqi said...

I really liked all the products from The Little Things She Needs, and the bag is very cute and beautiful,hopefully I can get the bag♥♥

email : risqynabila14@yahoo.co.id
twitter acc : @Rizqilala

thank you♥

Anonymous said...

Count me in TLTSN! Thankyou♥
email : paninda15@ymail.com

Anonymous said...

Beautifully bag for my sister :D



Anonymous said...

pleaze be mine >,<
scratch my e-mail : savirak@rocketmail.com
thx u ^_^

Anonymous said...

D O N E~ elvanasi@ymail.com
wish me luck! arigatou gozaimasu ^^

Anonymous said...

Ikut aja dulu, dikasih ke siapa masalah belakangan :D wahahahaha done ya :)

Anonymous said...

Just... wish me LUCK! Done! :)
haditiya@yahoo.co.id (e-mail)

Anonymous said...

e-mail :

looks like the bag is suitable for my niece who works as a model. thank you :)

Anonymous said...

I'm your 339 members ;)

Anonymous said...

all women want that parisian bag??? Yes, my girlfriend too :D here's my email :
wish I have the lucky number ever :D

Anonymous said...

semoga saya beruntung!

Anonymous said...

Now following your blog, etc.


Riza A said...

aku pengen nih tas bwt kado pacar aku :D


Dian Nur Afriliani said...

All i want for valentine's day is a Parisian Summer Bag! :D


Putri Indradian said...

Hi TLTSN, I'm so excited I won one of your Parisian Summer Bags :')
1. Retweet your Giveaway winner announcement on my lovely Twitter account.
2. This is my comment on your gorgeous blog<3
3. I'll take picture with your Parisian Summer Bags as soon as possible (ASAP)

Thank you so much, TLTSN!♥

Stay stylish with TLTSN. Love and remember ya♥


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